Diagnosis #2 and #3

Stage 1 lipedema and hypermobility syndrome.

How will this effect my type 1 diabetes? No idea. How will my type 1 diabetes effect these 2? No idea.

I can tell you that I’m completely overwhelmed by the new demands of another chronic lifelong, daily management requiring, disease. I’ve known for so long that I didn’t feel good and something wasn’t right, but not until recently did a doctor actually listen.

Now, I get fitted for compression clothing and wear that everyday for the rest of my life, skin brushing everyday, and hoping that decongestion therapy and lymphatic drainage massage will start my lymphatic system pumping again. Along with supplements that I hope will provide some relief. If not, not sure what then. Now I’m a “lymphie” in addition to a T1D.

Lazy pancreas, lazy lymphatic system.

Lindsay’s health: zero, Life: 3.