Happy Birthday Izzy Booper!

I can’t believe Izzy booper is 2 today! I love how she’s changed the dynamic of our family. She is sassy, ornery and full of attitude, but lovey. She is the reason I sleep with bad-kitty spray.

She slept upright.

101Izzy the kitten….I say casper the ghost.


Instant buddies.

She walks Lucy.

Her favorite show is SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

She wants to know what my blood sugar is.

She steals my socks and leaves them for me.

Little kitty in a big bed (Tommy Boy anyone?).

She misses her dad when he leaves.

And she has pretty little twinkle toes.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Izzy Booper!

  1. If bad kitty spray is something more creative than a water bottle I may need to invest in some. I have a seriously bad (but crazy adorable, incredibly loving) kitty on my hands. He also likes to bring me socks, and towels, and sweatshirts, and the occasional chip-n-dip wrapped in paper, because you know, that’s normal.

    Happy Birthday Izzy!


    • Sorry, but it’s just water in a spray bottle 🙂 She knows exactly what it is too, the second I grab it, she hears the sound and tears ass out of the room. Her new thing is getting on the table and pushing anything on it, completely off or to the very edge-everything. Like really big heavy things. Sigh, kitties.

      • I think our cats would be friends. Our crazy one likes to climb on the table and stare at me until I get up. THEN he runs away, usually towards his food dish hoping that his naughtiness will cause me to give up and feed him.

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