I walk everywhere, and then some. I absolutely love walking and I rarely go a day without doing it. It has become a drug for me, and helps keep me balanced. If I have stuff going on during the weeknight, I still go walking by the time I make it home even if I am tired, because it’s that important for me. If I only have 15 minutes, I still go – because that 15 minutes of fresh air is priceless. I’ve been thinking lately what am I going to do if/when we have to leave San Diego where I can’t walk outdoors year around?

A couple added bonuses: regular walking greatly helps with maintaining weight, and if you’ve lost weight, helps keep it off over long periods of time; it’s less impact on your body, all around (joints, stress response, etc.); and a major added bonus, it keeps my blood sugar (having type 1 diabetes) stable with consistent insulin sensitivity. Major wins!

I was downloading my Garmin this morning and decided to look and see how many miles I’ve walked so far this year: 545.37 miles. Holy hell! Guess I really do love it.

Happy Birthday Izzy Booper!

I can’t believe Izzy booper is 2 today! I love how she’s changed the dynamic of our family. She is sassy, ornery and full of attitude, but lovey. She is the reason I sleep with bad-kitty spray.

She slept upright.

101Izzy the kitten….I say casper the ghost.


Instant buddies.

She walks Lucy.

Her favorite show is SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

She wants to know what my blood sugar is.

She steals my socks and leaves them for me.

Little kitty in a big bed (Tommy Boy anyone?).

She misses her dad when he leaves.

And she has pretty little twinkle toes.

Water and Staying Hydrated

I wanted to blog today, about the importance of water, and drinking it, which is inspired by how awful I’ve felt these last few days as a result of not drinking near as much of it as my body needs. I typically stay very hydrated, but every now and then for whatever reason, I drink other liquids, and it is amazing how much havoc it wreaks on my body, and my blood sugar.

I have headaches, my muscles are tense and won’t release, I’m sore and bruised feeling all over, I can’t think as clearly, I don’t sleep very well, my skin is dry, my eyes are goopy, and my blood sugar won’t budge for anything.

Here are six facts about drinking water and staying hydrated:

  • Prevents Dry Mouth: Water keeps your throat and lips moist and prevents your mouth from feeling dry. Dry mouth can cause bad breath and/or an unpleasant taste—and can even promote cavities.
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health: Dehydration lowers your blood volume, so your heart must work harder to pump the reduced amount of blood and get enough oxygen to your cells, which makes everyday activities like walking up stairs—as well as exercise—more difficult.
  • Keeps your body Cool: Your body releases heat by expanding blood vessels close to the skin’s surface (this is why your face gets red during exercise), resulting in more blood flow and more heat dissipated into the air. When you’re dehydrated, however, it takes a higher environmental temperature to trigger blood vessels to widen, so you stay hotter.
  • Muscles and Joines Work Better: When you’re well hydrated, the water inside and outside the cells of contracting muscles provides adequate nutrients and removes waste efficiently so you perform better. Water is also important for lubricating joints. Contrary to popular belief, muscle cramps do not appear to be related to dehydration, but, instead, to muscle fatigue, according to Sam Cheuvront, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist.
  • Keeps Skin Supple: When a person is severely dehydrated, skin is less elastic. This is different than dry skin, which is usually the result of soap, hot water and exposure to dry air. And, no, unfortunately, drinking lots of water won’t prevent wrinkles.
  • Cleanses Toxins from your Body: Your kidneys need water to filter waste from the blood and excrete it in urine. Keeping hydrated may also help prevent urinary tract infections and kidney stones. If you are severely dehydrated, your kidneys may stop working, causing toxins to build up in your body.

Here’s to being reminded how important staying hydrated is for me, my body, and my health, cheers!