I walk everywhere, and then some. I absolutely love walking and I rarely go a day without doing it. It has become a drug for me, and helps keep me balanced. If I have stuff going on during the weeknight, I still go walking by the time I make it home even if I am tired, because it’s that important for me. If I only have 15 minutes, I still go – because that 15 minutes of fresh air is priceless. I’ve been thinking lately what am I going to do if/when we have to leave San Diego where I can’t walk outdoors year around?

A couple added bonuses: regular walking greatly helps with maintaining weight, and if you’ve lost weight, helps keep it off over long periods of time; it’s less impact on your body, all around (joints, stress response, etc.); and a major added bonus, it keeps my blood sugar (having type 1 diabetes) stable with consistent insulin sensitivity. Major wins!

I was downloading my Garmin this morning and decided to look and see how many miles I’ve walked so far this year: 545.37 miles. Holy hell! Guess I really do love it.

Another Diabetes First

I guess times are a changing?

The last 24 hours have been full of restful sleep, stability, less finger pokes, and thankfulness for my Dexcom G4 Continuous Glucose Monitor.24 Hrs of Awesomeness

All of a sudden, I’ve noticed I’ve been checking my blood sugar far fewer times per day than I used to. This past Sunday, I had another diabetes first: I checked my blood sugar twice. TWICE! I racked my brain trying to think when it was that I last did that-and I don’t think I ever have done that! Maybe 4, but 2? This coming from the OCD super anal blood sugar tester (read average 12 times per day, since…forever).

The little tiny dried up bloody holes in my fingers are disappearing, it burns less when I cut citrus; my fingers are rejoicing.