So often lost in the daily drums of life, but I’m learning to be more grateful. Occasionally I will sit for just 5-10 minutes and write a gratitude list. It can be eye-opening, and is so very simple. A great way to start, or end a day as it completely changes perspective.

Today, I am so grateful and humbled by the amazing family I have.

My husband and I celebrate 60 days into this deployment we’re in, and he remembered this and sent me the most gorgeous bouquet of gerbera daisies I have ever seen, with the most beautifully written card.IMG_7609[1]

In addition to that, and to add an extra layer of safety with type 1 diabetes while he is deployed, I went live with the new FDA approved Dexcom Share system, and my sister (in Iowa!), willingly signed on to receive my blood sugars live, from the cloud right on her iPhone.Settings

Are you Low

These are the things that matter ❤

Thursday Thoughts

Educating yourself does not mean that you were stupid in the first place; it means that you are intelligent enough to know that there is plenty left to learn.

–Melanie Joy

**Thankful to my Grandpa Bill, and Family really, for gifting me with my thirst for learning.

Thursday Thoughts

I’ve been absent the last week or so-I had an injury to my lower right forearm, which also happens to be my dominant arm. Typing, writing, mousing, have been painful at best, with me walking around with my arm raised in the air so blood doesn’t pool. There was a little cause for concern, when my body was encountering difficulty fighting the visible infection. I actually asked for friends and family to send extra love my way because I needed it! It’s times like these that I realize I am surrounded by awesome individuals that care about me and my well-being, and all I need to do in my time of need, is ask.

Why don’t I ever ask? Why don’t I put myself first? Also, how did I get so lucky as to have all of these people in my life?

Then, there are those individuals that reached out that I haven’t heard from in years to find out what was going on, I shared with them, and then I never heard from them again. This naturally has me thinking. Why don’t I hear from you regularly, or at least every now and then? Why do you only reach out in my (rare) time of need and then disappear again once you find out? Do you actually care? So, my thoughts to you this Thursday as I start this August off blogging again now that typing isn’t too painful, are this: is it you, or is it them?

“When nobody around you seems to measure up, it’s time to check your yardstick.”

–Bill Lemley

Happy Birthday Izzy Booper!

I can’t believe Izzy booper is 2 today! I love how she’s changed the dynamic of our family. She is sassy, ornery and full of attitude, but lovey. She is the reason I sleep with bad-kitty spray.

She slept upright.

101Izzy the kitten….I say casper the ghost.


Instant buddies.

She walks Lucy.

Her favorite show is SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE.

She wants to know what my blood sugar is.

She steals my socks and leaves them for me.

Little kitty in a big bed (Tommy Boy anyone?).

She misses her dad when he leaves.

And she has pretty little twinkle toes.