My Garden is…growing?

Now that JDRF Walk season, the holidays, and travel are over, I finally have time to start cleaning out my garden (yes, in San Diego, you can wait until the end of December to do this!). As soon as I got out there and got started last weekend-it started to rain (yup, it rains in San Diego, too!). I managed to get 3/4 of it cleaned out, and will finish up this weekend, but look what I found:

DSC_0025In the left corner is Italian oregano, on the right is golden oregano, in the middle, is the rosemary bush, and back behind is my little basil bush that (was 4 ft tall) I trimmed back and is making a comeback. All organic, and doing well for as chilly as it’s been.

Fresh fish is marinating in the fridge in lemon, white wine and rosemary!

Orange OxHeart

The Orange OxHeart Heirloom Tomato has arrived. It has been V…E…R…Y slow. I love the orange color and can see now why it is associated with a heart. I can’t wait to see how the taste varies. 

First Tomato Harvest

I can’t even tell you how loud I squealed last night when I went out to my garden and found these:

Aren’t they fabulous?

My first 100% organic tomato harvest, given lots of TLC. It is such a rewarding feeling to know that Seth and I get to enjoy these, even more so knowing where they came from and what went into producing them.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Seth again for helping me continuously stake these seven foot monster tomato plants, as we wouldn’t have any if it weren’t for that 🙂 Also, my mom, for continually reminding me that patience is a vital part of gardening!

I see red!

Went out to check on my garden this morning after working out, and I found a lot of red and almost red Juliet Grape tomatoes. I hadn’t even realized they were there, because they’re fairly hidden, but finally! I’ll have to do some picking when I get home tonight. There was one that had fallen off the vine, so I brought it in.

Just for fun, I decided to compare it to the store bought grape tomatoes I have, what a difference:

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Looked out the sliding glass door today and see little black pellet like pieces on one of the stepping stones, my first thought-that’s poop from a fat tomato hornworm:

Tomato Hornworm Poo.

I went outside to inspect, and found big papa:

Crunching away!

It was neat to watch him chew for a whopping two seconds before I was no longer amused at the rate with which he was devouring my tomato plant. See the pile of leaves underneath him? Unfortunately, he had to go.