10 Years-Then and Now

What a difference 10 years makes.

Then: acne (all over), round face, out of shape, cellulite, restless sleep, smoker, eating processed junk, high cholesterol/triglycerides/blood pressure, no type 1 diabetes or diagnosed lipedema, much larger calves/legs. Weight, 120 (diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and started an insulin pump, rocketed to 145 over the next 7 years).10 Years Ago

Now: Clear skin, best shape of my life, no cellulite, sleep like a baby, non-smoker, cooking, leaner than I ever have been, type 1 diabetes and lipedema diagnosis, much smaller legs, digestion issues nearly gone, Paleo. Weight, 122.Now Photo Combined

They say that with age comes wisdom, for that I’m thankful. I do wish I’d found a healthier path sooner, but better late than never. I reached a point when I mentally decided to just let go of this need to “control” and learn to love myself, somewhat of a relinquishment, and what do you know. Shit changed in a big way.