10 Years-Then and Now

What a difference 10 years makes.

Then: acne (all over), round face, out of shape, cellulite, restless sleep, smoker, eating processed junk, high cholesterol/triglycerides/blood pressure, no type 1 diabetes or diagnosed lipedema, much larger calves/legs. Weight, 120 (diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and started an insulin pump, rocketed to 145 over the next 7 years).10 Years Ago

Now: Clear skin, best shape of my life, no cellulite, sleep like a baby, non-smoker, cooking, leaner than I ever have been, type 1 diabetes and lipedema diagnosis, much smaller legs, digestion issues nearly gone, Paleo. Weight, 122.Now Photo Combined

They say that with age comes wisdom, for that I’m thankful. I do wish I’d found a healthier path sooner, but better late than never. I reached a point when I mentally decided to just let go of this need to “control” and learn to love myself, somewhat of a relinquishment, and what do you know. Shit changed in a big way.

Thursday Thoughts + African Memories, Part 4

It always seems impossible until its done.

–Nelson Mandela

When Seth and I were in Africa, we were fortunate enough to visit 2 of the 3 prisons where Nelson Mandela was detained, the most striking and memorable to us was Robben Island, where he was held for 18 years, for fighting for the freedom of people. Still today, after everything he has encountered and all the persecution, he remains positive and optimistic.Statue in Paarl 2Statue in PaarlNelsonRobben IslandRobben Island EntrancePrisonPrison hall

My Mother, an Inspiration!

We all struggle with our weight. I used to think it was just people within my circle, but it’s everybody; its me, my husband, my friends, my co-workers. It isn’t necessarily related to food either, but can come as a result of different things our bodies go through in life, stress levels, current health status, etc.

The Paleo lifestyle (notice I said lifestyle) has helped me manage my weight on a consistent basis, which only helps me feel better. Learning about food, cooking, ingredients, and new ways of cooking food have been an enjoyment for me, that I want to share with others (because it isn’t as hard as some may think!), hence this blog. It’s truly inspirational and empowering when I receive feedback and questions from readers or followers, that they’re slowly making changes in their life, way of cooking, things they’re eating, education, etc. Knowing that someone else feels so much better as a result of these changes, is amazing.

My mom (my most loyal blog follower 🙂 ) started making lifestyle changes back when I started my blog (unknown to me at the time), she texted me over the weekend to let me know, that she has lost…55 POUNDS! She, like I, understand that it’s a slow progression, that takes time, but the rewards are aplenty. I would like to think that some tips/tricks/recipes that I’ve shared have helped, but really, she’s the inspiration to me!! I am so proud of her and I love that she is taking ownership of her health!!

It is not always easy, but it is worth the effort.

The Small (or Big) Things

Empty trails, mountains, the sun, peace and quiet, little white snails. Whether big or small, I’m so thankful they’re right outside my front door, waiting for me whenever I need them. It really is the small (or big) things!