10 Years-Then and Now

What a difference 10 years makes.

Then: acne (all over), round face, out of shape, cellulite, restless sleep, smoker, eating processed junk, high cholesterol/triglycerides/blood pressure, no type 1 diabetes or diagnosed lipedema, much larger calves/legs. Weight, 120 (diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and started an insulin pump, rocketed to 145 over the next 7 years).10 Years Ago

Now: Clear skin, best shape of my life, no cellulite, sleep like a baby, non-smoker, cooking, leaner than I ever have been, type 1 diabetes and lipedema diagnosis, much smaller legs, digestion issues nearly gone, Paleo. Weight, 122.Now Photo Combined

They say that with age comes wisdom, for that I’m thankful. I do wish I’d found a healthier path sooner, but better late than never. I reached a point when I mentally decided to just let go of this need to “control” and learn to love myself, somewhat of a relinquishment, and what do you know. Shit changed in a big way.

Grains…and Skin

I’m not that excited about posting crappy photos of myself, but it helps make a point, and I’m happy to share so others can see.

Among the many other benefits I’ve realized by removing all grains from my diet (all, not just grains that contain gluten), is clear skin. Not random clear skin, but reliable, consistent clear skin. My neck and chin used to break out so bad, and I’d ask various doctors when I’d see them, the answer was always “well, you’re in your 30’s now, and hormones are changing, etc.” Great, getting older rocks! I thought I was doomed, but quickly realized after removing grains, they were apparently more of a problem for my skin than I knew.

Before (yuck! although, I do love me some kitten kisses):