And even if you eat junk food and workout like crazy, you may appear healthy, but your insides aren’t! Think about it long and hard-how do you really feel? Does your body feel good? Are you still having other issues that exercise isn’t “solving,” like GI issues? Think about it!

10 is better than 0.

and 20 is better than 10.

If I had a dollar for every time I said to myself, “I can’t get 30 minutes or more of exercise in, so I’ll just wait,” or, “it’s not worth it if I only do 10 minutes.”

This is not true. I know there are studies that show that your body may not benefit unless you have had an increased heart rate for at least 30 minutes, etc…and while that may be true, I know that for me, it is not. I typically get up in the morning around 5-5:15 every day to exercise. Today, I slept a little later (;-)) but rather than re-setting my alarm so I could sleep for another 25 minutes, I got up, changed, and went for a 20 minute run. I know that I¬†benefited¬†physically, it not only felt good, but mentally, it’s like a drug! It clears my head and gets me started for the day.

I stopped making excuses about 11/2 years ago and formed habits, because I really do feel that even though I can’t always exercise for an extended period of time, or as long as I want (think…asshole blood sugars), a 15 minute walk with my dog is better than sitting on the couch. 20 minutes of quality stretching before bed, clears my head. A 17 minute run on a day I slept late, is better than nothing. Get moving people!

Lame Lows.

(Lame) low blood sugars, unfortunately they’re a fact of life living with type 1 diabetes, but they’re also disrespectful, have awful timing, and are just plain rude. I despise them.

For the last three mornings I’ve woken up to exercise at 5am (like I have been doing for months), and I haven’t been able to because my blood sugar is too low. Not only does this infuriate me, I’m so stubborn that I refuse to eat to raise my blood sugar, so that I can exercise (because who wants to eat, in order to workout?). Yes, I fight with my own disease, and I also do things to spite it. Take that you stupid, lame low blood sugar.

P.S. I hate you.